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How To Make Coins In Ultimate Team Tip #3 – The Silver Jumbo Pack

23 Feb
Silver Jumbo Pack Ultimate Team

Silver Jumbo Packs - a sound money making strategy?

The Silver Jumbo Price Guide

JP Flathead, the creator of the invaluable UltimateDB, shared with the EA Forums his current silver jumbo sell price guide (prices for XBOX as of 22/02/2012)

Here’s my recipe:

regular contracts 300-350
shiny contracts 450-550
player training all 300-350
goalie training all 250-300
other training 100-150
team morale 400-500
player morale 100-150
team fitness 1800-2200
player fitness 250-300
coloured balls 600-700
regular staff 250-300
heal all 950-1000
heal others 900-950
stadiums 100-150

I start most players around 250-300 and drop them in price if they don’t sell. BPL silvers and shinies are all special cased based on my site. I usually start a few hundred above the price there.

Updated 07/03/2012: It also reminds me of an omission in my guide: Silver Pace cards sell for 350-400

Incredibly informative guide to making coins – simple and succinct. While the average sell prices of these cards are freely available at it is helpful to understand how one can use UltimateDB information to make coins.

I’ve been using a similar pack opening strategy for the past few weeks with a few more conservative tweaks:

  • Most of his sell prices are a little on the high side which means it may take you  several attempts before a card sells at that range
  • Wow at coloured balls prices – didn’t know that they sell at that price
  • Wow at heal others prices – I was selling these much too cheap (400-450)
  • Don’t forget to check how much kits are worth – there are many silver kits worth in excess of 2,000 coins

Update: A few more tips for silver jumbos

  • During silver tourneys, demand for silver players skyrockets and thus prices increase
  • During the January transfer update, certain players may be transferred out of their respective club, making them less or more valuable for team building depending on which club/league they join – most famously, Marlos (74 rated Brazilian Sao Paulo striker) was transferred to a club not in FIFA 12. With Marlos no longer available in packs, his price soared from 70K to over 400-500K before settling down at a touch under 200K (on XBOX)
  • Shiny Silver Head Coaches (Dribbling, Defending, Passing, Shooting, Pace and Heading) all sell from 1-3K

Either way, Silver Jumbos are definitely able to breakeven if not make a profit.

The Ultimate App

The Ultimate App

The Ultimate App

One tool that has helped me tremendously is JP’s Ultimate App for the iPhone. Before using the app, I would discard crap consumables (under 200 coins) as they would rarely sell, thus clogging up valuable trade pile slots. With the app, I can re-list frequently and adjust prices on-the-go, saving time and helping me make a profit.

Do note, the app costs $USD 2.99, but I feel it is a definite investment for any serious UT player, particularly since the UT webapp is flash based and doesn’t really work on iPhone/iPad.

The Ultimate App has saved me from UT withdrawal when I’m not on the console or on the webapp, particularly when your significant other forces you to accompany her shopping:)

How To Make Coins In Ultimate Team Tip #2 – It’s All About Timing

23 Jan

When are the Best Hours in the Day to Buy and Sell FUT Cards?

The second tip in our Ultimate Team money-making series is a guide on timing.

One of the basic principles of an auction is the more bidders you compete against, the higher the likely sale price.

The less competition bidding, the lower the likely sale price.

From FUT stats guru JP;

Yes, you read that right.

Gamer activity during 4AM to 6AM is  five times lower than the peak usage period between 4PM and 8PM GMT.

What can we learn from this?

There Is Up To Five Times Less Competition Bidding Against You During Quiet Hours

Late at night, as more gamers go to sleep and as cards expire from their auction, the market size contracts. Bidding on cards that expire during the quiet hours is the ultimate way to take advantage of the buy low, sell high method of making coins. If you stay up later, wake up earlier or simply bid before you sleep on as many items as possible, you will find that you can acquire certain players at astounding discounts.

Tips For Selling During Quiet Hours

You should never list a player overnight with a starting bid that is well under his average price. With fewer bidders, the chances of getting over the average market price decrease.

To maximize your profit potential before you sleep, feel free to list some players that you normally wouldn’t want to sell for a premium above their average selling price (refer to UltimateDB for current market price). The idea is if they do sell, you make a tidy profit with which you can always buy the sold player back (during a busier period, when the player is cheaper). If they don’t sell, no harm done! I have had players sell for almost double their market average by doing this.

Let us look at a real example of selling during quiet hours:

Buying and selling IF Sparrow

IF Matt Sparrow is a fairly rare IF midfielder playing for Brighton in the nPower Championship. IF Sparrow sells for an average of 35-40K (as of 24/01/12). In the last two weeks I have regularly listed him for 60K BIN overnight and have seen him sold three times. That’s a nice steady profit. On the below chart taken from UltimateDB you can see the effect the sales have had on IF Sparrow’s average price – from a regular 35-40K average price (the blue line), Sparrow has jumped up to over 50K average.

I’ve found two IF Sparrows in CAM form with a BIN of under 30K, which means even after buying a CAM–>CM formation card. I can relist him at 60K in a CM position and still made a tidy profit:)

Note: The idea for you to take away is not about IF Sparrow but for finding and owning your own niche. Before I sleep, I check up on a few niches that I really know well and attempt to bid low (and sell high).

Tips for finding a niche:

– Is it a fairly rare player that has few listings?

– Can you buy him low (during busy hours)

– Can you sell him high (during quiet hours)

Buy It Now During Busy Hours (4PM – 12AM GMT)

During busy hours, more gamers are opening FUT packs than at any other time,  which is also why Happy Hour typically occurs at 4PM in the two biggest FIFA 12 markets – 4PM GMT for the UK and 4PM EST for US-based players. More packs opened means more players on the market. This is the best time to be picking up BIN bargains as the sheer number of players on the market naturally forces BIN prices lower.

Buying During Happy Hour

Happy Hour FUT 12

If you want to go on a Ultimate Team pack-opening spree, Happy Hour is the optimal time to be splurging on packs.

Happy Hour is a one hour block of time where EA Sports increases the chances of finding an IF player.  Happy Hour is usually announced via the weekly FIFA 12 Ultimate podcast and also on Twitter by Christophe Labrune (@therealgraoully) and the EA Sports account (@EASPORTSFIFA).

Happy Hour is usually 4PM GMT on a Saturday, coinciding with the peak period for the week. Sometimes, EA Sports will announce a second Happy Hour for 4PM EST, the peak time for US-based players.

During a Happy Hour, there is an even higher volume of packs being opened than a regular 4PM. This pushes the prices of cards on the market down and is one of the best times to purchase players (and thus one of the worst times to sell players).

Check Twitter to see if Happy Hour has been announced – there also other Happy Hours to coincide with special events (such as the TOTY release).

Related Resources:

How to find the time in GMT: If you’re not in the UK, type “time in GMT” into Google to quickly check what time it is in GMT.

Follow these Twitter accounts for the most to date FIFA Ultimate Team information:

Other Tips In This Series

How To Make Coins In Ultimate Team Tip #1 – Check Your Kits

3 Jan Celtic Home Kit

We all wish we had more coins in Ultimate Team but most of the methods to make more coins are either illegitimate or well-known.

The challenge for the advanced UT player is to take advantage of all the money-making methods available in FUT12.

This is where How To Make Coins In Ultimate Team, a recurring series, can help!

Tip #1: Check Your Home Kits, Away Kits and Badges

The first tip is simple but often overlooked – certain badges, home kits and away kits sell for a great price. In particular, there are two dozen or so silver kits and badges which are highly sought after by UT enthusiasts who want to customize their team with unique and conspicuous kits.

Using UltimateDB, here is a list of the most valued pieces of kit (source: XBOX as of the 3rd of January 2012):

Bestselling kits in this list feature animals (eg. New York Red Bulls, U.N.A.M), pirates, construction crew and garish colours (the pink of Evian or the black and gold of Wolverhampton).

Some non-rares like Seattle Sounders “XBOX” kits receive a handsome fee.

Two additional tips:

  1. Buy low, sell high – you can regularly find some of these kits and badges for cheap prices as the general populace unloads these kits well below their selling price
  2. Use the FIFA webapp and navigate to Club –> Club Items –> Filter for Silver and look for the kits and badges in the above table

Rangers and Celtics badges and kits sell for a pretty penny.

Agree? Disagree?

Do you know why these particular kits are so valuable?

Please share your feedback via comments.


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