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Oh No, FUT 13 Upgrades Released! Let’s Compare Them to FUT12 UPs!

9 Feb

UP El Shaarawy

EA Sports FIFA have released their first big batch of upgraded players (UP), with EA’s @chuboi explicitly stating on the forums (emphasis mine):

We’ve just released a batch of transfers along with our first batch of players upgrades (that are not part of a transfer).

A few comments about the upgrades:

• This upgrades batch includes 33 players, most of which are Gold players.
• There are no plans right now to upgrade more Gold players, but batches of Silver/Bronze players will come in the next week or two.
• There are a few players in the list that have had a previous in-form item as well. While we understand that these upgrades can influence the value of those items, we felt the upgrades were significant enough to make the change. We also have no plans right now to upgrade any more players that have had a previous in-form item. 

Comparing FUT13 to FUT12 UPs

There was some criticism last year of the way the UPs were handled, with over 20 high profile IFs re-released as UPs, devaluing the IFs significantly.

This year, the upgrades have been much more modest

  • A total of 33 upgraded players have been released compared to 136 last year (so far)
  • 28 gold players were upgraded this year compared to 66 last year
  • Only 6 of these gold players had IFs compared to 17 gold IF re-releases last year
  • Of these six gold UPs, only three of them (Adler, El Shaarawy and Cavalieri) have UPs that are better than their IFs

This means that the Falcao UP, Joaquin UP and Michu UPs are not as good as their respective IFs.

FUT13 Table of UP Players (so far)

UP Pog ba

FUT13 UP table 09-02

FUT12 Table of Gold Upgrades

FUT12 UP table Gold


IF Bale

It appears EA Sports have made lower impact upgrades in FUT13 when compared to FUT12.

What does this mean to you?

This is good news for traders as IFs are not as affected as last year – there was some speculation that great SIFs like IF2 Cazorla and IF2 Bale may have been turned into UPs, which is not the case.

Also, if you find any of the UPs, sell them now for maximum coin since they will be at their lowest supply this weekend. As with 99% of NIFs, their prices will fall over time as supply keeps increasing.


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