MOTM Gerrard, McCleary, Lavezzi, Downing, Messi Re-released As Orange MOTM FUT12 Cards!

2 Apr
April Fool's Day MOTM Tweet

April Fool's Day MOTM Tweet

MOTM Cover

EA Sport’s non-April Fool’s Day surprise!

On April Fool’s day, EA Sports re-released all of the previous Man Of The Match (MOTM) players in a new MOTM orange skin.

The full list of MOTM players thus far:

  • ST Messi (94>96)- original release TOTW 24, 4 goals vs. Valencia
  • CAM Gerrard (87>88) –  TOTW 27, 3 goals vs. Everton
  • LW Lavezzi (85>87) – unknown (2 goal win vs. Chelsea?)
  • ST Milito (81>84) – TOTW 21, 4 goals vs. Palermo
  • LM A.Ayew (81>83) – unknown (CL games against BVB or Inter?)
  • LM Downing (82>85) – Carling Cup MOTM – IGS
  • RW McCleary (65>74) – TOTW 28 Happy Hour, 4 goals vs. Leeds
  • GK Sommer (69>74) – unknown (CL win vs  Bayern Munich?)
  • ST Zigic (75>83) – TOTW 21 extra, 4 goals vs. Leeds – IGS
  • ST Rhodes (66>74) – rare MOTM, 5 goals vs. Huddersfield
  • GK Chepchugov (65>74) – unknown (MOTM against Madrid?)
  • CAM Kaka (85>87) – TOTW 29 Happy Hour

Why MOTM cards?

Most other TCG/CCG (tradeable card games, collectible card games) define exclusivity through rarity.

Magic: The Gathering had common, uncommon and rare cards for many years. Then they added mythics and foil cards.  Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh etc.

World of Warcraft defines its items with quality – poor, common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Diablo, Borderlands, any MMORPG.

Why? Because getting phat loots unexpectedly is literally a pleasure enhancing drug. Get one good hit and you’re addicted.

FIFA Ultimate Team has had bronze, silver and gold cards and gave us weekly hits in the form of weekly TOTWs and yearly TOTYs. With the inclusion of orange MOTM cards, EA Sports finds a clever way to tie-in real life performances with FUT12’s ‘phat loot’, giving the FUT12 players collectors addicts a new incentive to open more packs.

As with all addictive game mechanics, the more you understand what the game is doing to you psychologically, the easier it is for you to avoid going off on a frenzied, emotional pack opening spree:)

FUT12 Colors, green, orange, blue, MOTM FIFA 12, TOTW

Colored skins for FIFA 12 Cards

What do you think the green, purple, and the two blue cards are for?

Why did Lavezzi and the others get a MOTM?

2 Responses to “MOTM Gerrard, McCleary, Lavezzi, Downing, Messi Re-released As Orange MOTM FUT12 Cards!”

  1. Camel April 3, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

    TOTS for sure is one…
    Cup Final MOTM?
    Euro MOTM?

    • ultimateteamguide April 3, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

      Great suggestions, something for the Euro tournament seems likely. TOTS too… Cup Final is a possibility too. Still leaves two other colors hmmm

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